Today we will know what is SSL and how does it work and where do we buy it from.Millions of people use the internet every day, get some new information every day, do stuff from a commerce side, make online payments, create accounts by giving their personal details on many websites And sign in different websites.

Sometimes we have thought that all the details that we give, whether it is our name and mobile number, email address or the details of our card while making payment, or all the details which we give on the internet.Are all these details that are safe from other people or hackers who can misuse them?Very few people think so.

We share all our data or personal details and with any website, we desperately need a secure connection.Which will keep our details safe and if our information is not secure, then it can be stolen. Nowadays all the websites are using a protocol to avoid this trouble. which is called as SSL protocol .



What is SSL ?

The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer is an encryption protocol used in the Internet. This protocol provides a secure connection between the Internet browser and the website that allows Internet users to transfer their private data to other websites. Could swap with safely , almost all websites using SSL protocol. Today, almost every website is using SSL, SSL protocol is used by crores of online business people to protect their customers and the online transactions they are doing.And using this, it would be impossible for hackers to steal the customer’s data.

Websites that use SSL have a domain name such as (

It is attached to a picture of a closed lock which is  in the URL of our internet browser and is written in “https ” instead of “http” with the domain name.

This shows that the website is completely safe and if a user clicks on the image above the lock which appears in the address , then he can see the SSL Certification Identification and other information of the website .Every website has a unique SSL certificate.

SSL certificate tricktotest
SSL certificate tricktotest



with SSl —   

without SSL–


SSl is Also called as TSL (Transport Security Layer ) Protocol .It can be used not only in websites but also in email and everywhere else, if a person is running in an e-commerce site, then it is very important to use such SSL Because in this site all the information is taken to make payment from the customer.


We have come to know what SSL is and now we will know how it works.SSL Certificates uses two types of keys: a public key and a private key. These two keys together create a secure connection through which data is shared securely.

When we want to know something about a topic or buy something, we write the name of a website in our web browser.The web browser then connects to the server of the website that is using SSL Protocol.T he user makes a request to the server of that website from his browser to give his identity.After requesting, the web server sends a copy of its SSL certificate to a public key browser, after which the user checks the certificate so that the user can decide that it is private with that website to share the data. May or may not count on it to do it.After checking, when the user now decides to trust him, he again sends an encrypt message to his server.

Now Web server decrypt the encrypt message and after that it sends an acknowledgement to the browser that to start SSL encryption between the user . After that, the next transfer between the private data browser and the web server to the user is done securely which is completely confidential .

Types of SSL 

SSL is very different and varies from website to website. Some are cheap
Some are expensive. Let’s get to know about them.


1.Wildcard SSL certificate 

With the help of this SSL Certificate you can donate security to your domain and all sub-domains
it gives the domain organization validation.

2. Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificate

With a Multi-Domain SSL help you can keep 250 domains secure. Here you
Domain Validation merges Organization Validation and Extended Validation.

3. EV SSL Certificate

This SSL is designed for your business to access the address bar of the web browser.
Simultaneously, your business name also appears. It is a highly recognized and encrypted
SSL certificate.

4. Domain validated SSL

Most loggers and small motorway websites use this. This medium level security donation

5. Organization Validation SSL

It is used to verify and provide security to online business. by this
The costumer knows that they are visiting a secure and verified website.

6. Code Signing Certificate

With this help, you can keep your software code safe. Along with this your files
And also donates Surya to the application.

7. Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

If you want to secure all the domains and all their sub-domains simultaneously
So, you can use it. These 250 domains and their sub-domains
Maintains the ability to maintain patience.


Many big companies donate service to SSL, some of them are named – GoDaddy,
BigRock, HostGator etc. When we buy hosting server for our website
That hosting company also donates SSL service where we buy hosting as well as our
You can also buy SSL certificate for the website, which will keep our website secure.
If we buy the SSL certificate from the given companies, we fill the amount given to it
If only then we will be able to take full advantage of it. But there are also companies from which SSL
Let’s do services free. One of them is named Encrypt, this Internet
Research Group has a grant that provides free SSL certificate to the common people.
Sponsor of ‘Encrypt’ as many companies like Google, Facebook,
Mozilla, Cisco, etc.


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