Update Nvidia Graphics Card Driver ( GTX or RTX Series )

Just follow the steps easy way to Update your Graphics Card Driver , In order to play latest games having issues with old graphics card driver .There are actually 2 ways to update . You can download manually from Nvidia official site for your Graphics card Or You can Update through Geforce Experience .

Easy way to do is download through Geforce Experience , it will automatically detect your graphics card and update .

So First Download Geforce Experience from Nvidia website

Click here 

Graphics card driver Update
Graphics card driver Update

Download And Install this App .

After that Sign in , or first sign Up to sign in .You will See a lost of game installed in your PC , But there is a option you seee DRIVERS ..Click on that .

Geforce Experience
Geforce Experience


Now click on Check for updates , and You will see an option to Update latest version Available , Download and Express install the drivers….Your Screen Might Blink 2 or 3 times , But Do not worry your graphics card driver will be installed .  And after that you can play latest games smoothly  .  Click here to know How to Optimize your Game with Geforce Experience




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