Stressed ? Play These Fun Games To Relax

5 Small Android Games that will Make You Chill

In today’s world everyone is stressed about there future or past , and do not know how to relax . When i am Stressed or Worried about somethings i play some fun android games . And after 10 to 15 minutes of playing game , i feel relaxed and stress free . So you Can also be happy , if you play these kinds of Games .

There is a saying find Happiness in Small Things , and these small games can be a source of Happiness For You.

List of Fun Games 

1.Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey Is a Fun Action Sandboarding game . where you

will discover the endless desert with beautiful and Colorful majestic desert , vast and unexplored lands .It is easy to Learn and difficult to master.

Size – 58MB

Features :-

  • Complete 180 Goals
  • Zen mode :with relaxing sound tracks
  • Photo Mode :take stunning photos of  your trip 
  • Discover Alto and his Friends

Headphones or Earphones are recommended for this game .


2.Fishing Life

Fishing life is a beautiful and peaceful Fishing game , it require no internet connection. It has simple controls and you also listen waves sounds like ASMR .

  • You can fish beautiful fish  , big whales and your controls are simple.
  • natural ASMR sound of sea 
  • Beautiful color graphics of fishes and sea and boa , where you fish

Size 49MB

Screenshot Image

3.Green the planet 2

Green the planets game lets you travel through Universe and It Features New cosmos , and you will travel and green our planet ,therfore you will become relaxed .

  • spread shot
  • Reflection shot
  • AI implemented 

Size: 24 MB

Screenshot Image

4.Infinity Loop

It is a simple ,relaxing and endless game .It can be said as a puzzle game about creating looping patterns .

Infinity Loop is the Most Trending Game available in Playstore in the year 2019.

How You PLAY : You have to connect all the lines and corners to make a perfect connection .

Size: 12MB

Screenshot Image

5.The Trail

The trail Game is and adventure game . In this game you journey through unknown country . Through out the journey you collect , explore , learn to craft , trade , build stuffs .

The Game graphics are colorful and beautiful , and the experience will be relaxing .

Size :304MB

Screenshot ImageScreenshot Image

And last of all play games to relax your mind when you are bored or stresses , do not play it addictively.

Have Fun Playing these games 😊😊😊

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