How to liveStream from ANDROID on Youtube,facebook ,Twitch

If you wanna know , How to livestream games from android on facebook, youtube , and twitch .This article will definitely help ya .

So , many of you have watched ,YouTubers playing games live from their Pc, But What if you wanna play Android games live on youtube ,facebook or on Twitch .


Download an App called as Omlet Arcade

Install it .open it

So the next Step will be ,

Register a account id on this App,Then

You have to Link your youtube account or facebook account or twitch account , Where you want to liveStream .

after linking ,This app will automatically Scan your android device , and Find games that are installed on your device, then you have to Select a Game and play live on any of above social platforms .

In the case of YOUTUBE ,
Your must have ENABLED the livestream option on your youtube channel , Otherwise it will not work ,

if you do not know how to Enable liveStream option on youtube Channels , Then watch the Video Down below.

The best thing about ,This app is you can live commentary wile playing your android games , and Also you can show your face through face cam , its totally live broadcasting from android device .

This app is fun.In this app you can also see , Who is live on which Social platform , you can directly follow them through this app , So that When they live Stream, you will get a Quick notification .

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