So , as you know There are many many Facebook liker out there on internet , as they all safe to use ? I know most of them Gives Real likes , but my Question is are they safe ?

Let me make You Understand , What these Liker Exactly Does with your account .
So , When you Download any Facebook liker app or Go to any Facebook Liker site ,
they asked you for a token , which is Generated by the permission of your facebook account , after that , They say ..They can Give you likes ..
And it Really works .

So when you login your facebook Through any liker App or Site , to Get the token , it means That particular token , is Indirectly Contains your facebook account password and email id ,in encrypted form .

Once you generated token and give it to , those Like or liker app , They can Easily log in to your account .
Which means Your facebook account may be in Danger situation , depending on the intention of the owner of Fb liker Site or App .

Another Question is , How does The liker works ?
Answer is Simple , you give Them you facebook Account in the Form of Token , They use your account to like other facebook user’s Status , pic , or Post etc ..
and They use other’s facebook accounts to like your Status , pics or your posts..
very simple ..
They just use you and others facebook users to like each other’s Post .

If you used any facebook liker then ,then Check your facebook log , You can see you liked many many peoples posts and pics , but you Do not even Know them .

This Proofs that , they use your facebook account ,without further permission of you .

your facebook Account can be compromised .
If you Already done this Mistake then , watch the Video , Whose link is Below . and know how to get Rid of it .

you can Use these kind of liker for your fake facebook account for Fun , or to TEST ,
So In below , i have Given Download Links for a facebook Liker app-Only For testing purpose .

Download Links are Given below 


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