Protect cPanel (Security) : Secure With 2 Factor Authentication

Protect cPanel (Security) : Secure With 2 Factor Authentication

Hello everyone welcomes to trick test, i will tell you how to secure Cpanel with 2 factors Authentication. Add an extra layer of security to make your website’s data more secure.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is also known as Web Hosting Manager. The reason why many people consider cPanel as an ideal choice for their hosting purposes is because of its many advantages. With cPanel, you have the liberty to customize almost every aspect of your website including email, FTP, and programming. Furthermore, cPanel has a comprehensive range of add-ons which are helpful in customizing your site further.

cPanel offers several useful features that can help you save a significant amount of time and make managing your website much easier: FTP connection, MySQL databases, custom email account, and statistics tracking. By setting up and using your FTP connection, you can easily upload files, view statistics, and transfer large files with relative ease. And if you are looking to host more traffic, you can utilize MySQL databases that will allow you to provide dynamic content for your site.

cPanel also comes with a powerful control panel. This feature provides the capability of managing and monitoring different sections of your website, as well as controlling the installation of scripts and software. With the use of cPanel, you can easily install different software packages such as forums and WordPress. By using the MySQL database, you can easily connect to the outside world through PHP and JSP pages.

If you are using multiple hosting accounts, you can easily create login details for each account by using the login icon. You can change the various options for this account by using the various panels on your cPanel webserver. For instance, you can change the passwords for your FTP accounts by using the password manager option.

So basically cPanel is of controlling and managing FTP, DNS, email, and FTP accounts everything and It is very important to protect them.

Follow the steps to enable two Factor Authentication on Cpanel :

1.Go to your Hosting account and select your hosting, Then click on manage. It will take you to your cPanel.

2.In cPanel then find the Security tab then select two-factor Authentication

cPanel -Two factor authentication

3.Now Click on set up

Go to cPanel then find the Security tab then select two-factor AuthenticationGo to cPanel then find the Security tab then select two-factor Authentication

4. After that it will show you a QR code

5. Download an Authentication App App. (Recommended Google Authenticator ) -Download it from the play store.

6. After installing the app, Open it and scene this QR code. You will get a Code. You have to verify here on the panel below the QR code.

2 Factor Auth

7. After Verifying it, You are done. If you want to login directly to your cPanel, It will ask you for a Verification Code. You have to provide the code wich from the Authenticator app.

Most Important thing to Rember that, Never uninstall The Authenticator App from your phone. Or Else you will be not able to log in. Another thing to note that you should make sure that there is an internet connection during generation code in the app on your phone.

So i hope you learned how you can enable two factor authentication on your cPanel So that no one else can log in into your cPanel even if he got your password , With out the 2 factor Authontication code he can not gain Acccess .


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