Guide To Change Username Of Twitter [Updated]

Nowadays everyone is using social media for updating status, Giving opinion, For fun, For business Etc . Mainly a social media connects you with the globe. So Twitter is one of the most used social media in the world. Even Government officials, celebrities use it.

Twitter is a very easy-to-use social website, But there are still people who are facing problems to change the username of the Twitter account. So Do not worry I tell you.

Follow the steps to change the username of Twitter in 2021  :

1.Go to and login first.

2. Now you will see the option ‘More’. Click on that.

3. After that another menu will appear, You have to select and click on Settings and Privacy

4. Now In your Account setting, Click on Account information. You have to give your password to access.

5.Thats it! In the Account information, You have to select a username and you can change your Twitter username.




So yeah guys, This is a simple 5 steps procedure to change your Twitter username. I hope it helped you.

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