Call as private number or Unknown number

In this post ,I will be showing you ;How you can call anyone as private Number or Unknown number .Before it promise me one thing that ! you are not going to use it for any kind or wrong purpose !

Also see how to send TEXT Message  anyone as UNKNOWN 

So , You see there is an App called as Talk360 , Install this App And Register !

How To Call As PRIVATE Number Or UNKNOWN Number . PIC 1

It gives you free 2 Minutes to call anyone as unknown .

Here is the Link to Download This App . Click here.

How To Call As PRIVATE Number Or UNKNOWN Number . PIC 2

You Need to Give a Register this App First, And it asks for phone Number .

Here is the twist , As i Told you Talk360 App Gives u 2 Minutes Free Per Registered user ,

You can Register Unlimited Times , To get (Unlimited x 2 Minutes) Free talk times .

Now , The Question is , How can i Register more times in This talk360 app ?Because it’s asking for Mobile Number to Register ,And i have only one Or two phone Number .

Dude , you can give fake but working number . You may be thinking wtf you are talking about ? Xd

I mean There are some apps , which gives u fake numbers to call anyone . Do not think too much , Just Download this App( Text Now) and you will know .
How To Call As PRIVATE Number Or UNKNOWN Number PIC 3
TEXT NOW App Gives you Free Numbers . 
And these number works , you can call or text someone, also receive calls and texts . 
This number can be used for Any ONLINE OR WEBSITE registration process , you Do not Need to give your real phone number to any website or Apps .Stay anonymous !
You can also use in WhatsApp , facebook , i mean in any social site !
Give a Temporary Email Id and Get a fake Number from this App .
Clear Data,then give another Temporary Email id and get another Number ! Repeat Unlimited times to get unlimited phone numbers .

ANYWAYS, USE THIS FAKE NUMBERS ON TALK 360App to Register and get Free talk times and Call anyone as Unknown .

JUST GO TO options, Then Account then call as anonymous .

How To Call As PRIVATE Number Or UNKNOWN Number pic 6

Then go to Dialpad to Dial Any Number (MUST USE COUNTRY CODE BEFORE IT )

For Example , I am from india , and i am goin to call an indian number , and INDIAS country code is +91, i will dial +919876543210

How To Call As PRIVATE Number Or UNKNOWN Number pic 7

I tested this App, and its working .

How To Call As PRIVATE Number Or UNKNOWN Numbe Real

You can also Check the VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE !



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