Best Bass Boosted Earphones :

Yeah , I know when the term ‘Bass’ comes to mind you think about Sony or philips brand .But brand does not matter , Quality matters . There are other brands like sennhieser ,JBL are also big players in the market . Anyways lets talk about Best Earphones for your Smartphone ,Which can give you mind Blowing bass effect . I personally used some earphones and I will mention below , Which is best .It’s my opinion .

UNDER Rs1000

1.Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone

Many of you already using this earphone , Yeah i agree with ya .Just one word “It’s Amaaazzzzinnggg”
It is a superior earphone at the price of 700 rs.
It has the excellent bass & treble, its bass is punchy and takes you to the another world of the music.
If you are looking for the best headphone under 1k than this is for you, but the only thing that is missing is (mic) as this earphone is only for music lovers. If you love music than this is for you.
And if you want a punchy bass than use the play music android app -> go to the setting-> equaliser-> select custom-> extreme bass->wide.
and enjoy the music.


2.JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphones with Mic

Previously I was using sennheiser as it worn out, was looking for good bass effect headset at decent price. Planned to buy Philips she 4305 bass+ which costs 600, during great deals found JBL C100SI at the same price. So went for it product quality is awesome, sound quality is good with “OK” bass effect. No pain in ear and it perfectly fits in ear (not slippery).
You can go for Philips she 4305 bass+ or BOAT bass heads(Indian Product) if u are bass lover.
Product quality 9/10
Sound quality 8/10
Bass effect 6/10
Sound balance 8/10

Buy from amazon

UNDER Rs 2000

3.Sennheiser CX 275 S In -Ear Universal Mobile Headphone With Mic.

This earphones are light, handy and easy to use.
They look premium. Cables may look thin but they are strong enough. The earphones speakers are good looking and well designed.(looks very small though)
Using them for even 10 hours they are very comfortable. You dont feel any pain while wearing them for very long time.

Coming to Sennheiser CX 275s Sound quality

1st thing to know that u need very powerful output (device) to get the best out of them.
If u using them on normal smartphone with default music or video player they still will give you enough clarity and bass. But if you want dynamic sound and thumping bass u need some good music players.
(Pro tip) if your Android is rooted, for u the best music player is Viper4android fx. You can get the app from xda website.(only for rooted Android users, it cannot be used on non rooted device)
For non rooted device i would suggest poweramp, and maven music player available at play store.

Coming to its sound quality
Sennheiser cx 275s sounds crystal clear and opened. Bass is really good and deep. Many reviews say that this earphones are not for bassheads then let me tell you agian if you use good music players like I suggested you will get the deep and tumpig bass you want.
Soundstage is not so wide but not very narrow either.

Let’s talk about mic & accecories

(What do u get inside the box)

(1). Earphones itself, two pairs of extra buds small and large, the earphone itself comes with medium sized buds on.

(2). The carrying pouch. Its nice and soft. You can keep ur earphones inside it easily. It has a thread lock that u need to pull from both sides.
It would be better if it had chain lock in it.(just a suggestion)

(3). There’s a L shaped cable in side the box which you can connect with earphone’s straight cable pin if you have very old device and the default pin not working for ur device.
You don’t need that extra plugin if its connecting with the default straight pin to your device.

The inline mic

This earphones have really good quality microphone in line of the left earphone cable.
You don’t need to hold the mic near your mouth while talking during a phone call. Its perfectly at its place.

Left and right guide.

The earphones L and R text is written in very small print right down to the speaker.
But you don’t need to face that difficulty because fortunately the left side speaker’s cable has the inline mic. Its that easy 🙂

About sound cancellation

If you plug in the earphones in it easily blocks every noise from outside world and lets you enjoy the Sennheiser signature sound. Just plug in and enjoy the detailed music.

give marks/ out of 10

Bass : 9.4
Mids : 8
Trebble : 10
Clarity : 9.5
Looks and comfort : 9

(Pros and cons)

Pros ::::::
1. Supperb bass even for bassheads
2. Very clear sound. Detailed audio
3. really easy to use and comfortable. No pain or discomfort while using them for long periods.


1. The only thing in sound that disappoints me is that the mids are a bit thin for me. But you can adjust you equalizer to correct them.

2. Cables are a bit thin and not tangle proof. But they never got Tangled for me yet.

Last words:

Go for it if you want clear and detailed music with great bass.
(Peace of mind)
They come with 2 years of warranty 😉



4.Sony MDR-XB55 Extra-Bass In-Ear Headphones

SONY…. The name is enough
Best earphones under 2000
It certainly lives upto its name EXTRA BASS
Super bass and treble
It has a loud output in which your smartphone’s half the volume is enough to blast your ears….
Even investing 1.5k is worth it….
Go for it if your budget is 2.0k

1. Great bass.
2. Build quality is excellent. Especially the wires are of extremely fine quality.
3. The earbuds are very soft.
4. The jack is nicely built. It has been given ‘L’ shape. This shape saves any kind of wear and tear in the wire.
5. The quality of sound is really good. You won’t get such fine and precise sound in any normal headphone.

1. The earbuds are not good to wear for long hours. Pain is created in ears if you use these for long hours.

Final comment- If you want an earphone without the mic, this is the best available option.



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