Best 5 Magisk Modules For Your Android Phone

Best 5 Magisk Modules For Your Android Phone

We always want more out of our android devices ,in customization or to get any feature , that is  why it is called Superuser or ROOT . In 2019 the xposed modules and root acess is integrated together as Magisk Modules to work effortlessly . Here are some of the Magisk Modules that i cant leave with out it .All modules can be downloaded in magisk manager on download section .

Here are some of the best 5 magisk Modules :

Google Sans MOD Font:

Google Sans Mod module is a magisk module which changes the default font of the       device to font of Pixel 3 fonts .It really looks Good .


This magisk module helps your android device to doze instantly and save battery .This module hibernate apps as well as system apps .

Viper4Android FX:

Viper4Android is a sound MOD for your device which enhances sound output and amplifies sound , This is a must have mod for deep bass and Audio Clarity . It drastically changes the audio listening .



YouTube Vanced :

Youtube vanced is a must have magisk module , it removes annoying YouTube adds . It brings YouTube background play .It enables 4k video playing and dark theme and etc.


Moto Clock Widget:

It is a customization modules which gives you the Moto clock widget which looks clean and has battery and weather info .


Liboemcrypto Disabler:

This modules helps to watch NetFlix on your rooted android devices ,if you are unable to watch netflix on your Custom ROM .

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