How to Active GOD MODE Hidden Tool on windows 10

There is a HIDDEN TOOL For Windows 10 Called as GOD MODE , So basically this GOD mode Folder contains all links of all Settings .This is kind of Advanced tool . You do not need to Go to old control panel and access your Settings .Sometimes you Search settings and it takes times .

But by the help of GOD MODE you can Easily access all your Settings very Quickly .

So , The Question is How to active GOD mode ?

Just make a Folder ,And Replace its name /Rename with Code Given Below .

Create a Folder By right Clicking on your mouse


Rename the folder with THE CODE and Hit enter

Hit Enter .And that is it .

And here we go You get GOD MODE

Click God mode Tool to View All settings .

Ths tool contains all the links of of all the setting ,for Quick access . |This is Godmode

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