Online Advertising and Marketing : The Advantages of Blog

The Advantages Of Running a blog -Online Advertising and Marketing: Blogs are first meant as technique of expressing one’s ideas and opinions. Then, they progressively grew to become a instrument for publicity for movie star and paparazzi. Later, blogs have been picked up by the enterprise world and used as a instrument to advertise their websites, create extra… Read More »

What is QR CODE ? How it Works ?

Know about QR CODE and how you can scan? Everything is discussed in details :Somewhere you have typically seen a pic form barcode printed within the packaging of a product. These are referred to as QR codes though they’re utilized in varied fields. It will probably retailer many kinds of data which could be decoded in your smartphone… Read More »

What is COPYRIGHT ?How it Protect Your Contents

What’s copyright, how it protect your contents .Everything you need to know about copyright is Here :How wouldn’t it be if somebody is copying your authentic work and getting profit from it with out figuring out it. It could be useful for an additional however it isn’t excellent news for a creator. “Copyright” is a legislation that legally… Read More »

What is Domain Name and How it Works ?

Know all details about Domain name . how it works and Where to buy :Whenever you have searched any website, then you must have encountered the Domain Name. This thing must have come in your mind, what is the relationship between any website and domain name. So let me tell you that with the help of Domain Name,… Read More »

What is Web Hosting And Where To Buy ?

WEB HOSTING AND HOW IT WORKS Today I will tell you what web hosting is. It is a big thing to have your own website. It is not enough for everyone to maintain the website, for this it is very important to have proper knowledge. To create a website, many things have to be kept in mind, such… Read More »


WHAT IS HTTP?:HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is the primary technology protocol on the web, which makes linking and browsing possible. It is a technology used to communicate between web servers and web users.This protocol is the basis of large, multi-functioning, multi-input systems – such as the World Wide Web. The web as we know it… Read More »


Today we will know what is SSL and how does it work and where do we buy it from.Millions of people use the internet every day, get some new information every day, do stuff from a commerce side, make online payments, create accounts by giving their personal details on many websites And sign in different websites. Sometimes we… Read More »